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Thank you very much for your visit to my site. I really got surprised by the interest my pictures caused, which I took at CeBIT fair in Hannover/Germany. All pictures are hereby placed in public domain under the condition that you mention the source in case you publish them somewhere else.

Below you find pictures, links and excerpts of an interview with the people who created Yopy.

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25th June 2003

This site is now only of historical interest. At request of G.Mate: The device is now called "G.Mate Yopy" and not "Samsung Yopy". You find their Website here. Thanks!

25th June 2000
Some more links added.

27th April 2000
The Yopy website has been updated. You now find there a useful FAQ which should answer all your basic questions.

6th March 2000
I had to do something about this site. My provider limits traffic to 25 GB per month and I reached 10 GB within one week. This is the reason you find the Yopy video and full scale pictures (1024x768) on a mirror site. Thanks for your support!



Yopy (and this site) in the news,1510,15486,00.html (German) (obviously they didn't credit the source of the pictures and video footage!) (German) (German)

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Questions about Yopy

Scott Lee (Assistant Manager for the Optical & Information Device Devision of Samsung Electro-Mechanics) and Phil-Soon Shin (Director/Senior Manager for G.Mate) I met at CeBIT, tried to answer some of the questions people raised in the discussion boards of and They also made clear that the device and the operating system are still in development and some features may change or arenīt fixed yet.

1. Does a keyboard peripheral exist or is one planned?
This is up to third party manufactures.

2. Can you get beneath the desktop? It would be great if they allowed the user to customize the interface. They could even create new interfaces later and let you switch between the one you want.
A SDK will be provided. Some parts of the desktop will be customizable, f.e. background picures. The Yopy operating system may get open source or there may be an open source-related licensing model, but this isnīt decided yet.

3. The battery is listed as 1400 mA Recharge Li-Ion. Has anyone heard any estimates how long it lasts? (esp. when used as continous MP3 player.)
Target are 12h operating time on one charge. With MP3, batteries may last about 3 hours.

4. I want the power! Can the user trash features they donīt want to make room for features they do? (If I donīt get the camera, I donīt want the baggage).
OS is in FlashROM, but you can't of course strip functions that are kernel core routines.

5. It mentions USB port in specs. I am wondering does this USB port allow you to connect this PDA to a computer, or does it also allow to connect various other devices to the PDA? Connecting USB keyboard or ZIP drive could be a pretty cool option!
Samsung will provide an USB cable and may provide USB drivers.

6. When will the device be shipped? And what price?
In summer time. Price will be somewhere around $500.

7. How is the handwriting recognition implemented?
The device uses Unistroke which is very similar to Palms Graffiti.

Rainer Gievers